Our Locally Produced & Nationally Syndicated Shows

KIOF 97.9 FM / Las Vegas Public Radio Inc. along with it's management company, Portsonic Communications, LLC produces it's own shows here in Las Vegas, Nevada as well as airing nationally syndicated shows on KIOF 97.9 FM. If your interested in developing a show to air on KIOF 97.9 FM then call (702) 425-4088 or email to and tell us what you have on your mind to share with the community.

KIOF In The Community
KIOF 97.9 FM "Live" broadcasts at community events around the Las Vegas, Nevada valley.

The Children's Hour
The Children's Hour creates weekly kids public radio shows heard on nearly 100 radio stations worldwide including KIOF right here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Learn with us!

Seems Like Old Times
Seems Like Old Times is a two-hour music program hosted by Craig Orndorff that celebrates the golden era of popular music - from the standards to the beloved pop hits, to jazz and swing performed by the big bands and great singers. But the show is not just about the past, it features present-day performers, too.

CEO Business Mind
CEO BUSINESS MIND with Joe Morabito is THE Radio Show for Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and Professionals. Solid advice on running a business, technology, innovation, finance, sales, marketing and much more, as Joe champions Free Market Capitalism and Entrepreneurship.

The Joy of Jazz
We present the best of classic jazz, modern jazz, and world music. Jazz-lovers unite!

The Sports Circus
The Sports Circus brings a quirky blend of unusual variety to sports talk radio. The goal is to differentiate and entertain while getting the listening audience involved. That goes for the casual listener, community leaders, business owners, educators, students, student-athletes, sports enthusiasts and many others from ages 14 and up.

The Sports Angle
Your Host Rocco Kelly brings a unique on and off the field knowledge, and well studied angle and energetic perspective to the sports world.

The Sinatra Songbook
A preview of The Sinatra Songbook on KIOF with guest of Capitol Records' Exec, Alan Livingston. Livingston gave Sinatra's career the reboot he so desperately needed in 1953.

The C&C Auto Show
The C&C Auto Show airs every Saturday morning from 8am to 10am. Home base is AM 580 and 95.1 FM WGAC Talk Radio We are also aired on over 30 other stations across the country including here on KIOF. Like us so you can keep up with the C&C Auto Show!

Dan Sweeney's One Hit Wonders
Dan Sweeney’s One Hit Wonders is the only weekly radio show that showcases the forgotten “one and done” USA Top 40 hits! A one hit wonder is a combination of artist and song that makes it big in the Billboard Top 40 once, but never repeats the achievement again. You’ll hear the unique stories for over 2300 one hit wonders artists and songs including “where are they now” updates. Along with trivia, one hit wonder interviews, jingles, and movie& pop culture news from the showcased years, Dan Sweeney’s One hit Wonders has become the “fun” place to remember those forgotten hits.

Blue Suede Connection with Elvis
Elvis is in the building.... and he can be heard on KIOF for 2 hours each Saturday from 3 PM to 5 PM.

The Joy of Hip Hop
Here's a hip ode to old-school hip hop. Get your Saturday night dance party started with hits from the 80's, 90's and early 2000's.

Music for the Mountain Bluegrass
Music for the Mountain Bluegrass is an independently-produced weekly radio program featuring hard-driving bluegrass music heard internationally on a variety of great FM and online radio stations.