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Las Vegas: KIOF 97.9 FM
North Las Vegas: KIOF 97.9 FM
Summerlin: KIOF 97.9 FM
Henderson: KIOF 97.9 FM

Our signal reaches approximately 500,000 people in the Las Vegas / North Las Vegas metropolitan areas every day. Coverage is limited to certain areas of Henderson and Sumerlin as well as the southwestern and northwestern areas of Las Vegas. Due to listener demand, we are working actively to get our power increased with the FCC so we can provide better coverage in those areas where you may have problems listening in your car or at home.

On the yellow map below, the red circular shape indicates where our signal is the strongest through the Las Vegas valley.

Program Schedule
The Local Community Radio of 2010 mandates that KIOF 97.9 FM provide locally generated programming for 8 hours each day. Tell us the type of programming you would like to hear by filling out a program request.

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iTunes (96Kbps)

Winamp (96Kbps)

QuickTime (96Kbps)

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HTML5 (96Kbps)

On Your Phone

Android Users

The VLC for Android application works well and can be downloaded to your Android device via the Google Playstore. Once the VLC for Android application has been installed on your Android device, select Stream, then enter the following network address: (if that address doesn't work, try then press the orange triangle to the right. The network address will be saved.

iPhone Users

Open Safari and enter the following address: (if that address doesn't work, try and then press the play button. Optionally, you can save the address as a bookmark. If you have found another application on your iPhone that works well with our stream, please notify the radio station.

Windows Mobile

Radio station staff do not use Windows Mobile devices. If someone has a Windows Mobile device, please notify the radio station with your Windows Mobile device make/model and the best application you are using to listen to our stream via one of the links listed in the On Your Computer section. We will be happy to list the information you provide in this area.